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THE HAGUE, March 14 (Xinhua) -- Ruling party VVD of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is the clear leader in the latest polls on Tuesday night, less than one day before the Dutch parliamentary elections.

The latest poll by Peilingwijzer showed that the rightist liberal party VVD remains stable on 24 to 28 seats and the right wing populist Party for Freedom PVV had a minor fall of one seat to 19 to 23 seats. The Christian Democrats CDA came almost equal with the PVV on 19-22 seats.

According to Peilingwijzer the liberal lefties D66 get 17 to 19 seats, followed by green left GroenLinks (16-18), the Socialist Party SP (14-16) and Labor PvdA (10-12).

The Peilingwijzer combines six polls into an average, with the different polls showing some differences.

In the latest poll by I&O research for instance the VVD rises from 24 to 27 seats, while the PVV drops from 20 to 16 seats. However, in the poll by Peil.nl the PVV climbs by two seats compared to last Friday and comes out as second on 24 seats, while the VVD gets 27 seats.

One day before the elections for the 150 seats in the House of Representatives, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy VVD is favorite to become the biggest party again, but the differences are too small to name a winner already.

A large part of the electorate still doesn't know what to vote. Commissioned by RTL Nieuws, the research firm Kantar found out that over 2 million voters, of the 12.9 million Dutch people eligible to vote, consider a strategic vote, which is for instance a vote on the VVD to prevent the PVV from winning.

The green lefties GroenLinks already had one success on Tuesday. The party of leader Jesse Klaver won the school elections. A total of 140,000 young people from 495 schools in secondary education throughout the Netherlands voted, with GroenLinks (30 seats) winning before D66 (27), the VVD (24) and the PVV (20).

The school elections appeared to be a reasonable measure for the parliamentary elections in 2012. The PvdA won the school edition of five years ago with 35 seats, ahead of the VVD (28) and the PVV (19). In the real 2012 elections, for people of 18 years and older, the VVD (41) became the biggest, followed by the PvdA (38) and the PVV (15).

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