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The most challenging part of coaching a sport team is to correct your athletes without loosing confidence in themselves? The best coaches have mastered knowing how to preserve your athletes' confidence when you need to correct them. Here is a list of ten ways for challenging your athletes while still maintaining their confidence.

1) Set high intentions and make it a "we" goal

The best words you can say to your athletes when they made a mistake is "I know your better than that." This simple phrase reinforces the belief that you have faith in their ability and that you know they are able to performing at much higher level than what they are currently demonstrating. Then turn the challenge into a "we" achievement that lets the athlete know that together you will tackle the problem. Making it a "we" challenge shows your athletes that you are willing to partner with them to help them get better.

2) Understand mistakes are not intentional

Most errors athletes make are not intentional. Athletes want to play well Taylor Moton Jersey , not only for themselves, but also for their coaches and teammates. Realizing your players mistakes are not done on purpose can be challenging at times, but the best course of action initially is to encourage and support them to correct it.

3) Permit athletes to play through mistakes

Although it is not always possible Curtis Samuel Jersey , a great way to demonstrate your confidence in an athlete is to allow them to keep playing through their errors. Give them a chance to correct themselves within the game situation . Allowing athletes to self correct and learn from mistakes provides them with an opportunity to develop resiliency.

4) Do not tolerate excuse making

In order for an athlete to take ownership for their success and failure, they must also take ownership for the errors and own the corrective process. Taking responsibility for their success and failure develops a player's confidence and builds self-esteem. Taking responsibility for their mistakes demonstrates a high level of maturity and, after correction Devin Funchess Panthers Jersey , boosts a player's confidence. The successes they own develops a deep foundational confidence level in their ability that they will need when the inevitable series of short falls comes along.

5) Keep your feedback factual and focused on the solution

Many times coaches can get caught up in the emotions of the moment. In these types of moments, the feedback is emotionally charged and can lead to statements the coaches wish they never said. The coach's feedback should be focused on the solution.

6) Focus the criticism on the behavior, not the person

When giving criticism Shaq Thompson Panthers Jersey , make sure the target of it is the athlete's behavior and not the athlete themselves. Criticizing the behavior allows a person to keep their confidence intact because their behavior can be changed and corrected. However, if you criticize them as a person, they cannot help but take it personally.

7) Sandwich the constructive feedback with positive statements

What happens when a player's coach always find fault in what they are doing before mentioning anything good? The player become defensive right away and tunes the coach out. By sandwiching the constructive feedback between positive statements Daryl Worley Panthers Jersey , the player's defensives stay down and they are more objective in listening to the feedback.

8) Provide feedback in a one-on-one environment

Praising the athlete publically and offering construstive criticism in private, it does a lot to build their confidence. Conversely, when you criticize athletes in public James Bradberry Panthers Jersey , you embarrass them in front of their peers and raise their defensive mechanism. An athlete's pride in their performance is what get them through the tough moments

9) Reinforce past accomplishments and strengths

In addition to your praise, athletes can build their own confidence by focusing on their strengths and past achievements. One of the best things a coach can do is to remind them of how successful they are and provide detailed examples of this success. Refocus your athletes on their strengths.

10) Never give up

When it comes to your players, you must adopt a never give up mind set. The last thing you would ever want them to do is to mentally quit. If they ever sense you have given up on them Luke Kuechly Panthers Jersey , they will either give up on themselves or lose all respect for you and give up on you as a coach. A major factor in a player's confidence level comes from their belief that the coach has confidence in their athletic ability.

BEIJING, July 30 (Xinhuanet) -- As voting on the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics draws near, Chinese bid ambassadors have shared Beijing's hopes of hosting the winter games.

With only one more day to go before the International Olympic Committee decides on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games host city Cam Newton Panthers Jersey , two icons of Chinese sport, Yao Ming and Song Andong, are doing their best to promote Beijing's bid.

Eight-time NBA All-star Yao Ming has expressed the desire and enthusiasm of bringing winter Olympic Games to China.

"It's a great honour to be part of the campaign. Both the summer Olympics and winter Olympics represent the Olympic constitution and Olympic spirits. The Olympics inspire people's courage Christian McCaffrey Panthers Jersey , to influence more people to a create better future and a better world. On that part, I think it is about the right time and perfect time to bring the Olympic back in Beijing in 2022."

Song Andong, a teenager born in Beijing who is the first Chinese-born player to be drafted into the National Hockey League Devin Funchess Youth Jersey , says the development of winter sports in the country could be further enhanced, if Beijing is awarded the rights.

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