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Mafia City, You’re playing as a ruthless criminal

04.08.2018 09:06 Mafia City, You’re playing as a ruthless criminal
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Lincoln’s trailer, although less than a minute long, uncovers a fair whack of information on the war veteran-cum-mafia adversary. He’s an orphan, we learn gangster games, raised on the streets. He’s an outlaw, we’re told, back from Vietnam. His family were betrayed by the mafia, which is why he’s out for revenge.

Mafia City full of humanity. You’re playing as a ruthless criminal, sure, but there are moments of genuine warmth. There’s nothing in the new game as memorable or charming as Joe and Eddie Scarpa drunkenly singing Dean Martin’s ‘Return to Me’ as Vito drives them home, and realising, to their dismay, that they don’t know the words to the Italian verse.

The life of an Italian mafioso has been well documented, in film and in games. There's a well-worn template for the rags-to-riches story of a young hopeful struggling with the internal wranglings of organised crime.

...what?! Combo points? Multipliers? Look, I like to watch numbers go up as much as the next man, but is this really what the Mafia do?

The above three images represent the High/Med/Low presets. Medium and High both look pretty similar and the world of New Bordeaux looks quite nice, but even the Low preset looks good—it wouldn't surprise me to find out the "Low" setting is basically what you get on a current-gen console.

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